Through the Black

Find a Crew, Find a Ship

Blogging the Black: Season 1


March 14th – Capt. Derik Larson meets a man from Johnsontown in Portsmith on Boros. The man hires Larson and his “crew” to help the town with a problem in exchange for a junked ship. That night, Rin, the manager of the junkyard, begins renovating the junked Dragonfly class ship that will soon become Hasselhoff.

March 15th – Capt. Larson recruits two crew members in Portsmith – a traveling Companion and a mechanic, both looking for a ship.

March 18th – Capt. Larson meets with his new crew members, Dorian and Zeke. They proceed to bust Tequilla, Larson’s friend and pilot, out of Portsmith Home, a mental institution.

March 19th – Capt. Larson and crew arrive in Johnsontown and meet with town elders.

March 20th – Capt. Larson and crew hit the Margrove estate and capture the son, killing several guards in the process.

March 22nd – The Margrove Massacre occurs. Capt. Larson and crew acquire some supplies for the ship.

March 23rd – Capt. Larson takes possession of Hasselhoff, is issued papers and takes off from the junkyard in Johnsontown. Hours later, they disable and board an Alliance cargo hauler and take possession of a cargo of weapons components.

April 12th – Arrive at Dandelion Station in the outer rim and hand over cargo to Carmine, their contact there. Carmine suggests other work may be available and they explore the station for a couple days. Capt. Larson enters and wins a poker tournament, with an assist from Dorian, and Tequila finds himself in a bit of hot water when he gets the line cook at a local restaurant fired.

April 14th – Carmine hires them, on behalf of a boss he does not name, to fly out to a derelict cargo transport and retrieve a particular cargo container from the large ship. This does not go as easily as planned.

April 19th – They are beaten to the cargo by a group of pirates and get caught in a standoff that resolves with the two groups agreeing to dump the cargo container out of the derelict and then see what happens. What happens is the reavers that hit the ship return and an Alliance cruiser starts closing in as well. The Hasslehoff engages the unknown pirate ship and the reavers in battle, disabling the pirate ship and securing the container. However, the reavers disable their ship and board. The crew faces a tense firefight on board the Hasslehoff and drives the reavers off and limp away with the goods. The goods being a couple million in stolen art from the war. They get paid.



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